Wednesday, November 28, 2007

w0w !

heroes do i rate it A or B..'A' because of the last bit, totally unexpected albeit the 'saev the world' thing is getting a bit out of hand...

I had a chat yesterday on who is the most powerful of them all..hmm...sylar, petrelli ? or adam..

I would also rate the show as 'B'. Frankly, i have not been impressed as yet, there are far too many subplots..we need simpler chores guys..

The enemy (adam and sylar) do not seem powerful enough...any comic which is self-respecting has to 'hand us ', users, the alacrity of having a baddy that we can admire..otherwise..

is a there a batman without a joker ? a superman without lex luthor ?

Sylar has lost its gist and well, adam is not scary enough..more slimy i would say..

one question heroes writers, if sylar needed to be locked in a room with no key, why was he not thrown in deep space..I kinda not foresee that primatech is so not into the 'death penalty'..


I have supernatural 2x6/7 to review, gossip girl 1-8, repear 1-8 (gr8t one), smallville 7x1-8.---next post...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


No respite..watched heroes 2x08 yesterday..excellent..Sark (whatever his name is) is well gr8t ! He is the 'hiro nakamura' of this season. I felt that the plot initially was weak with zakary quinto lame and meek..(impotent).

Now i am starting to feel a rush forward. Is Adam that bad, is the company bad ? Did hiro create 'alqaeda' when he went to check out feudal japan ?

I am kinda disappointed with the Ali Later angle, what are her powers exactly 'bipolarism' ? Then i have a lot of mates who are heroes (!) actually i may have couple of colleagues who will fit the bill superbly.

I have supernatural 3x6 and 3x7 to watch tonite..

Friday, November 16, 2007


wii has been sold out !!!! I need to wait till next year...sod it...

I will try the gray market......""

Dear sir

Your order has been cancelled and your paypal account will be refunded



Is there a shortage of wii on the market ? it seems so. I have ordered a wii from expansys about a week ago and i am still waiting for a shipment date...

Another thing about wii is the lack of development support. there seem to be no pen source project on this device. I will investigate and keep u guys posted.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, the classical first post..This blog will be on anything that cross my mind wherever and whenever i can get hold of something. I will try new things such as posting vids, mp3 and other items from far afield. I believe that human machine interaction has grown far beyond the realm of the keyboard. Once i had a chat with a professor of ***, he was on about pervasive computing...this is part or the beginning of it.

if the sky is blue ( <----- good site to check btw) enough i will definitely go on rantings on politics, science adn other peculiarities that are affecting the life of ordinary citizens. But i reckon it will be more insular and more focussed on my experience with the day to day of life...