Saturday, April 12, 2008

Windows 2008

I have installed the latter on one machine (dual core, 1GB RAM). so far so good nothing major, except there are some changes to the interface and changes in the way the 'role' of the machine can be affected.

I will do some test on the following:-

1. performance evaluation as compared to XENapp
2. Test of Oracle 11g on it (not certified as of 08/04/2008).

The Road.

I got that book after reading a review from salon.
I thought this item was about survival, indeed it was, but the writing was so nihilist that i went numb after a while. Although the scenery was not repetitive i wonder how bad it meant to portrait an unknown catastrophy. Finally no clue on what happened in the world, but it looks to be a neutron bomb war of some kind or some solar eruption of some kind killing all life. probably the latter rather than the former.