Sunday, December 30, 2007

G0ss1p Gal.

I have been watching gossip girl on and off. As a series, it is sort of ok for the OC 'need a fixup' rest of us. But I am kinda of hanging on, on how much we will be able to stretch that one.

The acting is good..surprisingly..I kinda like the actresses doing blair and serena. I wonder if high life society is that bad..We also wonder on how can these kids manage high school..they seem never to study..more interested in socialite..(duh, this is not the real world hans !)..

I think next quarter the writers could add an element of mystery/crime would be more appropriate..socialite tend to be boring for the rest of humanity after a while..but, hey, that's my two cents.

Empire of Dragons.

I have just finished the manfredi's book empire of dragons. Not a bad read but a bit weak at the end. I did not like the hollywood cliche about the saviour of the empire lies beneath the ground in 'ancient' technology.

I prefer the Alexander trilogy.

Zachary Qu1nto and the can of 'bleep'

The best episode of heroes so far. (I mean this season). I feel that everyone agree that this volume 2 was a bit lame. Was it done on purpose ? probably yes. The climax will be volume 3 which has already a youtube.

ADSL in Mauritius ... well it sucks...maybe not...

I have read with interest the post on avinash's blog, more specifically the comments.

Point 1: definitely bandwidth is being throttle.

point 2: it is done by almost everybody (isp)

point 3: even in the corporate world we do it. i.e. if i have a 2MB conn to manage and have 150 users, i definitely need to place some serious management tool in place.

Three things come to my mind in mauritius: packeteer distributed by ..., DBAM distributed by ... and finally buckets on SQUID on Linux (Our internal clustered proxy).

What do the isp used ? i can only speculate, packeteer, dbam for sure and maybe even some cache engine such as cachelogic.

but more interesting what can be done.. The bandwidth management is not as dumb as you might think, they have implemented several policies depending on time zone and most importantly service i.e. peer to peer etc.

It depends on what usage is being done with the bandwidth. If you are peer to peering, then try to get a proxy service outside mauritius, better register with one.

otherwise, for the rest..we are all doom...

but if you are into the next step of downloading such as easy-share,, i would seriously advise you to take the following step.

1. Get a premium account, stop being a leech !
2. Get Mozilla
3. get flashgot
4. get a download manager
4. read this article

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Finally, the boys and girls from redmont has posted a security blog. It is very good actually but with some serious technical twist.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

English menu on japanese wii.

Can we change the language menu of a japanese wii..does not seem so according the most analyst.

But, the price is so good at this site ! That i really want to consider one and then mod it with w11key chip.

any advice from anyone.

creative jukebox and Medes (!)

MY good old creative jukebox (5GB) has died finally. RIP.. 'The man' seems to be the usual suspect.

what can i do, there seem to be a way out if it is my hard disk..I have come across this article in xtreme tech..I will follow it..but first we buy a hard disk from outpost.

I have finally laid to rest my book persian fire.

A good one, except that it requires really a mental effort to remember the timing of darius, cyrus, xerxes, aristhocles etc.

but it does give you an insight of the mentally of the time, still the themopylae stand is as glorious in writings from tom holland as from steven pressfield.

I am also working on having oracle 10g installed on fedora core 8. God, one would not believe how much java or fedora is broken...I should have avoided the narcissism of latest and baddest and stick with fedora core 7.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

w0w !

heroes do i rate it A or B..'A' because of the last bit, totally unexpected albeit the 'saev the world' thing is getting a bit out of hand...

I had a chat yesterday on who is the most powerful of them all..hmm...sylar, petrelli ? or adam..

I would also rate the show as 'B'. Frankly, i have not been impressed as yet, there are far too many subplots..we need simpler chores guys..

The enemy (adam and sylar) do not seem powerful enough...any comic which is self-respecting has to 'hand us ', users, the alacrity of having a baddy that we can admire..otherwise..

is a there a batman without a joker ? a superman without lex luthor ?

Sylar has lost its gist and well, adam is not scary enough..more slimy i would say..

one question heroes writers, if sylar needed to be locked in a room with no key, why was he not thrown in deep space..I kinda not foresee that primatech is so not into the 'death penalty'..


I have supernatural 2x6/7 to review, gossip girl 1-8, repear 1-8 (gr8t one), smallville 7x1-8.---next post...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


No respite..watched heroes 2x08 yesterday..excellent..Sark (whatever his name is) is well gr8t ! He is the 'hiro nakamura' of this season. I felt that the plot initially was weak with zakary quinto lame and meek..(impotent).

Now i am starting to feel a rush forward. Is Adam that bad, is the company bad ? Did hiro create 'alqaeda' when he went to check out feudal japan ?

I am kinda disappointed with the Ali Later angle, what are her powers exactly 'bipolarism' ? Then i have a lot of mates who are heroes (!) actually i may have couple of colleagues who will fit the bill superbly.

I have supernatural 3x6 and 3x7 to watch tonite..

Friday, November 16, 2007


wii has been sold out !!!! I need to wait till next year...sod it...

I will try the gray market......""

Dear sir

Your order has been cancelled and your paypal account will be refunded



Is there a shortage of wii on the market ? it seems so. I have ordered a wii from expansys about a week ago and i am still waiting for a shipment date...

Another thing about wii is the lack of development support. there seem to be no pen source project on this device. I will investigate and keep u guys posted.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, the classical first post..This blog will be on anything that cross my mind wherever and whenever i can get hold of something. I will try new things such as posting vids, mp3 and other items from far afield. I believe that human machine interaction has grown far beyond the realm of the keyboard. Once i had a chat with a professor of ***, he was on about pervasive computing...this is part or the beginning of it.

if the sky is blue ( <----- good site to check btw) enough i will definitely go on rantings on politics, science adn other peculiarities that are affecting the life of ordinary citizens. But i reckon it will be more insular and more focussed on my experience with the day to day of life...