Sunday, January 4, 2009

American Gods.

This book albeit a scifi in some sense, is just more than that. It is a mythological and historical lanscaping of the american myth. It requires some 'erudite' knowledge of world history. Neil Gaiman, is a good author, the book is well written, intelligent, astute and somewhat melancolic. It is a goodbye to the old world and a wlecome to the new world, but only to certain extent. Is shadow the 'king' ? I am not sure, but he is merely someone who is honest enough to the whole world. The wifey role is well tantalising, this is love beyond the grave. But, the icing on the cake is how she died with a **** in her *****... for well, friendship sake. Anansi and czenogord are excellent characters who gaiman will need to develop in the spinoff..or is this already so..?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oracle R12.

I have installed Oracle R12 on a LInux box. Well, if you call that box.. It is a PC with a single core celeron 3Ghz , 2 GB RAM, 250Gb SATA drive. I downloaded both the Oracle Version R5 from and then the R12 version from I installed the x64 version. The speed is ok and so does the patching. Please do note that although it is an oracle version of linux (unbreakable) i strongly recommend that you read the metalink ID:416305.1

what is important after install is getting these patch in.. I spent some time with a bug of the java client not coming up as the openmotif library was not up to standard.

Peter Hamilton..

I have finished the dreaming void book of peter hamilton. A good yarn, but it is not a space opera. it seems to me that the inigo's saga is more an inward looking book on how to write a medieval book on politics whilst doing a scifi space opera. But save for the very long chapter on salrana, kristabel and the 'waterwalker' and mates, the book does have some astute ideas. in a nutshell, the void is an X dimension which acts as a virtual reality endgame whilst consuming world as power source i.e. E=MC2...

Friday, January 2, 2009


Got my hand on a wii modded for christmas.

Nice machine, not powerful but the play model of the wiimote is a different experience in itself. I am working on what type of mods was place on the station.

The good news is that finally after 35 years, i managed to held a lightsaber and thrash some items.

i will post some simple hacks on how to program next week.