Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cornficker -- aka Configure.

It was love at first sight. It has been some time that i have not gone through the code of some badass malware. Cornficker, has been brilliantly written and designed. But make not mistake, this baby probably can bring the whole net on its knees with a couple of keystroke probably coming from germany or eastern europe. I was particularly impressed by the fact that these guys are cutting edge with encryption..They are using md6..dude, and it is not even ratified. the peer to peer is a bit over my head at this stage, i will get a demo up and check the eco-system behavior.

Cisco VPN

Guys, i am having a lot of issue with the cisco 4.x vn client on vista. I have discovered a number of things.

we do not need a lot of item over ethernet adapter, 'bonjour' from apple obtained from itune is well damm bad.

vmware needs to be unassociated from the cisco vpn adapter

sometimes we need to repair the adpater which to be always in a disable mode.

several items have to be disable namely ipv5, vmware, etc..

Ace 4710

We will be playing with that device soon. It will be used to do load balancing over Oracle apps server. The objective is to go onto an active-active topo. what a waste of having apps and licenses not being used in an active-passice topo.

Bombs Away !

One PM has left the project. I am gutted, she was good at she was doing. We don't get specialist on WMS and OPM on the island that easily.