Tuesday, January 1, 2008

1 am L3g3nd !

I can say without any doubt that this is the best movie i have seen in 2007 (specially 2day). Will smith is gr8 as the guy on his own trip and yet losing his mind. His dedication to get things back on how it is is simple obsessional. One thing i find is the degree of oppressivity in the movie specially the tense 'hunt' scene. I did not like the way the 'top model' was barge into the movie. (she is not a bad actress..but not knowing bob marley..is treason..!!)

How could she manage in a big city at night ? These 'monsters' seem to be very quick and fast. The book , if i am not mistaken, has a different approach whereby 'legend' is what the monster called smith.

He is their 'dracula' culling hives at night. But the filmaker has skipped that angle. It is too morbid anyway..

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