Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cornficker -- aka Configure.

It was love at first sight. It has been some time that i have not gone through the code of some badass malware. Cornficker, has been brilliantly written and designed. But make not mistake, this baby probably can bring the whole net on its knees with a couple of keystroke probably coming from germany or eastern europe. I was particularly impressed by the fact that these guys are cutting edge with encryption..They are using md6..dude, and it is not even ratified. the peer to peer is a bit over my head at this stage, i will get a demo up and check the eco-system behavior.

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David said...

I thought a cornflicker was someone that through handfuls of field corn on people’s tin roofs in the middle of the night, but what do I know I grew up in cow tipping country. Now they have cornflickers on the Inter Webs. I was wondering what that hard rain on metal sound coming from my aluminum light-up apple crate was all about.