Saturday, December 1, 2007

creative jukebox and Medes (!)

MY good old creative jukebox (5GB) has died finally. RIP.. 'The man' seems to be the usual suspect.

what can i do, there seem to be a way out if it is my hard disk..I have come across this article in xtreme tech..I will follow it..but first we buy a hard disk from outpost.

I have finally laid to rest my book persian fire.

A good one, except that it requires really a mental effort to remember the timing of darius, cyrus, xerxes, aristhocles etc.

but it does give you an insight of the mentally of the time, still the themopylae stand is as glorious in writings from tom holland as from steven pressfield.

I am also working on having oracle 10g installed on fedora core 8. God, one would not believe how much java or fedora is broken...I should have avoided the narcissism of latest and baddest and stick with fedora core 7.

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