Sunday, December 30, 2007

ADSL in Mauritius ... well it sucks...maybe not...

I have read with interest the post on avinash's blog, more specifically the comments.

Point 1: definitely bandwidth is being throttle.

point 2: it is done by almost everybody (isp)

point 3: even in the corporate world we do it. i.e. if i have a 2MB conn to manage and have 150 users, i definitely need to place some serious management tool in place.

Three things come to my mind in mauritius: packeteer distributed by ..., DBAM distributed by ... and finally buckets on SQUID on Linux (Our internal clustered proxy).

What do the isp used ? i can only speculate, packeteer, dbam for sure and maybe even some cache engine such as cachelogic.

but more interesting what can be done.. The bandwidth management is not as dumb as you might think, they have implemented several policies depending on time zone and most importantly service i.e. peer to peer etc.

It depends on what usage is being done with the bandwidth. If you are peer to peering, then try to get a proxy service outside mauritius, better register with one.

otherwise, for the rest..we are all doom...

but if you are into the next step of downloading such as easy-share,, i would seriously advise you to take the following step.

1. Get a premium account, stop being a leech !
2. Get Mozilla
3. get flashgot
4. get a download manager
4. read this article

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